All Art is Contemporary

Posted on the 28 July 2014 by Luciano Pacini
There is no other way to be more contemporary than be here and now.
So lets have a look on what is here. There are things that have just been created, and simultaneously things that existed since before and continue to live till now. So why I consider so contemporary Michelangelo? Because with his works he defines something of immortal. He is able to express a concept that being infinite, started before, will arrive after, and now is here with us; so for this reason It is contemporary. Why is contemporary Leonardo? Because his art can’t be classified, it is able to bypass its age and all subsequent ones. A great artist can creates something of ever-present. It is easy to understand my concept by reading the Divine Comedy, because Dante in fact, clearly tells us that no man on Earth is truly able to perceive the transition from one Era to another.
I think that sometimes is even ridiculous requiring students memorizing exactly certain dates. Looks like that some of those have been written just to fill in books. An example, the so-called fall of the Western Roman Empire,  has been established at 476 A.C. But the majority of those European citizens have not had this perception during that time, they have continued to do the same things that they were doing before.This happens because we want to talk about something that is too big for us. Our life is too limited to grasp all of these aspects. How long can last your life? If you arrive at one hundred of years you can say for sure that you have already done something of superhuman. This because after some time, people pass away, but there is a good thing, that they can’t bring nothing with them, so they leave here their works. And when some of those people is a great artist, we have here certain works that have a life infinitely longer than those who created them; an infinite life that just makes them to be our contemporary. Following my concept, “All Art is Contemporary”. Contemporary are Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli as well as our contemporaries are Phidias and Apelles. If an expert analyzes The Riace Bronzes, would say they have thousands of years, instead of, I say that they are very young, they have just few years, because what counts is since they have become visible. They were not there before. The mechanisms of communication are particular.An artist wants to be known, he can also produce thousands of works, but if no one discovers them is useless. There is no humanity. Every artist, even the most surly and hermit one, wants to be known; to receive this Light. A Light that unfortunately, due to the failure of today's society, It is too often denied to those who deserves; but paradoxically, some artists turn this frustration into creativity, so they will be able to enjoy at least after their death, the success and popularity that they did not have in life.

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