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Alfred's Long Lost Sister Adelaide

By Salvagedspaces @salvagedspaces
Alfred's Long Lost Sister AdelaideI'm pretty sure giving human characteristics to inanimate objects is a common trait among hoarders. Which scares me, because I'm always doing it. And I don't want to be a hoarder. Ever! But for some reason I feel the need to name almost everything we bring into the house. Our giant bear piggy bank is Elijay. My sewing machine is Sally. All of our old photograph family have names. My car is Sylvia. The bobbing-head cat inside is CJ.
I think you get the idea. Perhaps the most important named inanimate object to Salvaged Spaces is Alfred the junk bird. Remember that little guy?
Alfred is our inspiration. He is such a small little bird and he was covered in rust, dust, and dirt when we found him.
Then: Alfred's Long Lost Sister Adelaide
We immediately took him home, named him Alfred, gave him a bath, and refinished his bird cage. 
Now: Alfred's Long Lost Sister Adelaide
There's probably something very familiar-looking to him, right? He's our logo! Look up top. See the birdcage with the blue bird? Aww, that's sweet Alfred. We love him.
Okay, so we've had dirty old Alfred the junkbird for a while now and he's always been a one-of-a-kind in our eyes.
Until the other day!
We were antique shopping in High Springs, FL and we found Alfred's sister (and of course we adopted her)!  Here they are together:
Alfred's Long Lost Sister Adelaide
She's a prettier, cleaner version of Alfred! It's obvious that she's taken care of herself compared to our ol' junkbird. We were stoked to find her! What was even better was that Adelaide kept all of her documentation with her!
Alfred's Long Lost Sister Adelaide
One of our favorite things to do is research the junk we find. We usually find our stuff when it's on the verge of death, so it's not often we get the original box and documentation - so this was easy! Turns out that Alfred and Adelaide are from the 70s. Adelaide's real name is Saezuri. My favorite parts of the documentation:
If the bird does not sing or does not stop singing, change batteries.
Electronically controlled Transistor Singing Bird of happiness... It's relaxing, amazing, delightful, enchanting; and creates a garden of paradise with its life-like color and sound.

In case you're worried about bringing this bird into your home, don't worry... The bird immediately lives the atmosphere, put everyone in a receptive, warm, friendly mood.

Hah! I love it.
Now, does anyone know where I can find a UM-5 1.5Vx2 batteries? It had a dead one, but we have no idea where to find others. So far our search has been fruitless. If we can find the batteries then I'll record her beautiful sounds.
Do any of you have a collection that you're always looking for?

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