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Alexafied??How to Get Rid Of..

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

Being Alexafied is the biggest challenge face by any blogger in the recent times and this challenge can be tackled if you read through this post. Quiet interesting Isn’t it… Anyways before I move ahead in this topic I want to know answer to a simple question. In your School/College Days How many Times a day you see your Final  Result?

Seams out of context of this topic. No it is not I repeat this question in other words. How many times a day you see your last week exam results? if your answer is ONCE read ahead…

The Alexi is similar to your exam results but the only thing is if you see this result either you get over-confident and fail in your next exam or you may get depressed and get failed in your next exam. Bothways the result is fail! in your next exam. Probably this may hurt many sentiments but the point is if you see your result once if it is good it will inspire you to make more efforts next time and improve.

If your exam result is bad you will get disturbed but will start analysing what went wrong and hence will come out of your woes and will perform better next time, But think it in this way you got a good result and you keep on looking at it daily.,Slowly you start comparing yourself with people way ahead of you. And start feeling that your achievement is nothing in front of them and in place of motivation you feel down, after sometime bad and slowly and slowly move towards a depression and hence you loose by bigger & bitter margin next time.

Now Situation number 2 you got a bad result now this will first hurt you once you see the result but after you do a self analysis you do a RCA and hence start working on your weakness. Now what if you see this bad result again and again. It will hurt more and more to you and you start hating yourself for that flaw. You in place of self analysis start finding wrong with everyone surrounding you. Slowly you go to a state of nowhere in mind and hence you loose by a higher margin.

Now think of replicating these two situations while you are working on your blog and you keep on looing at your Alexa page rank of Website again and again.

You gained page rank by a big margin you keep looking at it again and stopped writing posts and hence you loose your focus on the page. Second situation also will hurt you again and again and hence you end up more and more falls on your Alexa Page Rank.

Hope now you got De-Alexafied and start reworking on your blog.



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