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Agnya: the Sixth Chakra

By Kali Jay @chicmeparis
Agnya: the Sixth Chakra 
Agnya, the sixth chakra, is located between the eyes. It rules our intuition and imagination, inner visions and sleeping dreams. This chakra represents the self-realized adults, those who live in harmony with themselves and others because they feel everything is a UNITY and consider problems as opportunities, not obstacles. Talking about the time era, it represents the hopeful near future: if we manage to survive the challanges of the present, we will move into a Golden Age, when we'll be able to live on a multidimensional level, feeling the ONENESS. 

COLOR: indigo. ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS:  Sagittarius, with its holistic vision of life;                                     Aquarius, with its intuition and divinely inspired thoughts;                                     Pisces, with its access to inner truths through devotion. SENSE: telepathy, empathy, and other higher senses that remain latent within the portion of our brain that we don't normally use.   NOTE: high A. MANTRA: 'aum' 'om' 'mmm'. NUMBER: 96. ELEMENT: metaphysical, it rules inner sound and spiritual vision. GLAND: pituitary gland, the main control center, it stimulates the proper growth of glands and organs and regulates sexual development. When Agnya is clear, we have enhanced intellectual and physic abilities, we are able to amplify the information gained by our five physical senses, our imagination is expanded and we are able to project our visions into the outer world. When Agnya is unclear, we don't manage to be focused in life, we suffer from intellectual stagnation, headaches, vision and hearing problems. Kali

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