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Aggressive Children with Attention Problems Drink Lots of Soda

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


Can soda and junk food agitate children? Do soda and junk food induce ADHD-like symptoms? Here’s some more fuel for that fire.

A recent study showed that American children who drink lots of soda have more issues with aggressive behavior and attention problems:

Soft Drinks Consumption Is Associated with Behavior Problems in 5-Year-Olds

As usual, this data alone won’t prove that children become disruptive or difficult specifically from drinking soda. This correlation could point to any problem prevalent in families who buy lots of soda. Perhaps the core issue is quickly metabolised, nutrient-poor junk food in general?

ADHD and insomnia

At the AHS conference I attended a while ago, one lecturer proposed another possible factor that exacerbates ADHD-like symptoms: Insomnia.

Many children today snore and suffer from sleep apnea during the night. There are several possible reasons as to why their jaws – the prerequisite for an even row of teeth – don’t develop properly (the children weren’t breastfed enough? they consumed too little food that needed chewing? too many fast carbs?). Underdeveloped jaws lead to a narrower throat and anatomically set the stage for snoring.

Being obese is another thing that leads to narrowing of the throat, and therefore increases the tendency to snore, worsens the quality of sleep and leads to fatigue during the day – an evil circle that may bring more concentration difficulties and aggression.

Soda can contribute to such obesity and its consequences. There is conclusive evidence that soda-drinking kids risk becoming overweight.


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