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African Style // 5 Tips to African Dressing

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

African dressing is about vibrant colors and prints that never go out of style nor out of production, from the local Kitenge and Kanga in Tanzania to the Kente of Ghana and Akwete (Igbo) and Aso oke (Yoruba) fabrics to name a few there's culture and history in African dressing. African dressing timelessly resists being mellowed out by westernization, but for fluidity, acceptance and tolerance African dressing has adopted numerous western influences, yet the foundational keys remain same. Here are five tips to dressing African if you're not one, but find you're married to one, or if like a lot of millenials you're trying to regain your African-ness.AFRICAN STYLE // 5 TIPS TO AFRICAN DRESSING5 TIPS TO AFRICAN DRESSINGIKeep your palette colorful: African women are into colors reflected through the vibrancy of African Wax Prints (Ankara) piecesIIYou will see earthy influences in African dressing: Cane, wood, seashells, bamboo, raffia, jute, bones.....It's all about looking natural in a polished way.IIIAfricans wear the full regalia to an African party.IVIncorporate an African piece into your everyday wardrobe: Ankara, Damask, Asooke, Kente, Adire, Akwete....VModesty: African dressing is not overly sexy nor restrictive, there's a fine balance to skin exposure

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