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Adios Mars Retrograde!

By Mpartyka @mpartyka2
Hello friends,
Mars Retrograde... I learned about this astrological event in February. It occurred from mid April to June 29, life taking three steps forward, one back.
The last few months have been eventful:
April 5: We had water damage in our entryway created a six week project that involved moving ALL of our furniture into storage.
April 13:  One week into this unplanned project... the union supporting my company went on strike for 49 days.  I was working seven days a week, 7AM to 7PM with a 90 minute commute. 
April 17 - 24: I traveled to London and ran a marathon. click here to read about it
May 6 - 11: My father came to visit before traveling to Europe for a few months.
May 13: Furniture and boxes delivered.  The movers unpack and I had 24 hours to put everything away.
May 15: We hosted a  BBQ for 65 people the day after our furniture moved back into our home.
Adios Mars Retrograde!
May 19 - 24: Annual Meeting and Retreat for the non profit I serve.
May 30: The strike ends after 49 days
June 1: The World Traveler moves into a new role.
Jun 10: I transitioned from one position to another at work.
The last two weeks have been filled with flight delays, stress for WT (he met with former Pres Clinton), board meetings, friends moving, layering in world news and events... you can imagine that fatigue is setting in.
Last night Bill had a three hour flight day, to which I text back 'Blaming Mars Retrograde'.  :)
* Today marks the day we start moving out of this astrological event and I'm ready! *
July  has me dreaming of parades, BBQ's and fireworks, reading, running, gardening, time with friends, golf, and a summer vacation.  I'm also hoping to sign up for a half marathon later this summer.
I hope you survived Mars Retrograde, and are enjoying a lovely summer.  What are you summer plans? Leave a comment or email me.
With gratitude and love, Mari

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