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Addiction’s Many Colors

Posted on the 08 May 2012 by Mrsmith

Everyone, has some form of desire for something that they have a real hard time controlling. Yes, it’s not an addiction but it is a strong feeling for whatever that desire is. Sometimes these desires become so strong that they turn into addictions.

We are born with needs such as food, sex, shelter and love. Then there are things which we create desires for. The psychology of why someone decides to crave something that is not needed is incredible. It is so very deep, that it sometimes is not known but is some strong feeling we feel we cannot do without.

Why do we bring these things in to our lives? Why do we become addicted to them?

These are questions often asked when someone is addicted to something other then what is needed. Drugs, alcohol, gambling and many other forms of addictions, take up peoples lives and they feel they cannot do without them. Their life becomes all about that addiction. They are consumed by that or those addictions, to the point that they don’t realize the pain that is being caused around them. When they do realize it they try to stop, but it doesn’t last long.

A person has to go back to what caused their addiction, why did they choose to do that. Some might say it’s peer pressure. At the end of the day, the person was probably looking for something that will make them feel better, whether about themselves or their life.

Being happy and feeling good does not come from something outside us. We have to look at ourselves and try to see the real reasons. It takes a lot of work and time, but in the end that’s where real happiness lies.

If you are currently an addict you can take a look at trying NA chat rooms and talk to people who are in the same place as you. You can try to find out together why you’re there and how you can change your life for the better.

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