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Add “Yet”

By Shawnaschuh
Count Your Blessings (Bring Me the Horizon album)

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“I’m just no good at that!” the lament came from someone I coach.

It gave me the opportunity to share a little word that shifts everything. This word is “Yet”

When you state something as fact: “I’m no good at that” you reinforce your belief about it and it’s not a good or true belief.

Adding the one little word “Yet” to the end of a sentence like that opens up the possibilities, opens up your mind and heart, and gives hope to your thinking.

Listen to yourself saying it now, “I’m just no good at that yet.” And the voice will alter, the smile may appear and the idea that there is more to come, that you can learn, that there’s a future for your skills and abilities will surface.

One little word can affect your life in a positive way – if you use it.

My challenge for you today is to catch yourself and others saying limiting sentences and gently and lovingly add that tiny word to the end, “yet”. And feel the difference.

Remember you create your day by the way you think (and what you say) make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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