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Ad Suggests Toronto Newspapers Have Low Self Esteem!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The following ad has recently appeared on Toronto subways:

Ad Suggests Toronto Newspapers Have Low Self Esteem!

What kind of negative message is this sending newspapers across the city of Toronto?

Dear Toronto Sun and other newspaper friends, don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. You do not “belong” in the “garbage.” Maybe a recycling bin after someone’s done reading. Maybe on the internet, and not on paper in the first place, in this digital society where people have been able to read the news online since at least 2011, based on our math. In the case of the Sun, maybe even someone can post one of your pin-up Sunshine Girls on the wall of their business establishment.

Perhaps a dentist’s waiting room?

But garbage? That’s a place for non-recyclable items like your coffee cup friend, whose only valuable news to report may be that you won a free donut with your coffee in an exciting contest!

3 Worse Things To Put In The Garbage Than Recyclable Newspapers

1. Recycled jokes! We never ever recycle jokes on this web site. Especially IKEA jokes when commenting on crazy news from Sweden.

2. Electronic e-readers. Look, just because an iPad mini may be introduced next week, that’s no reason to throw out the Kindle Fire you bought five minutes ago. And especially don’t throw them on Toronto subway tracks! Didn’t you read the ad? Do you really need the irony of your Kindle Fire catching fire?

3. Garbage cans. This is the time where we must raise the deep philosophical question: how do you throw away a deficient, unsatisfactory garbage can? You could leave it empty by the curb, but we expect it would just be tossed back on your lawn. You could leave it in a larger can (left inside an even larger can, and so on, creating a Marushka doll series of cans), but we doubt this would do little more than entertain Russian garbage collectors.

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