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Activities For People With Dementia

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


I have a close friend who works in a care home, she adores her job and although it’s not something I personally strive to do, I can clearly see why she loves her job. She works on the dementia unit and is always looking for new activities for people with dementia.

I have to admit it’s not a topic I know much about, so I took to Google so I could help her.

What I have learned is that keeping up an active social life is key to helping someone with dementia feel happy and motivated.

They offer regular singing opportunities in the care home and my friend assures me many of the resident’s just love a good old sing song and many of these also get up and dance.

I thought that gardening might be a useful activity, many of the elderly patients sit outside in the garden, why could they not help to keep it neat and trim, rather than hiring a gardener?

Many are residents who live within the care home, because they need extra care, but there are some who come in for the day, or just a few hours.

It must be so difficult to watch a loved one being taken by dementia.

While many are able to stay in the comfort of their own home, I can see why carers need a break.

It’s so difficult to care for someone, no matter how much you love them, not only do you give up so much of your own time, financial stress and worry is never far away.

The main worry is the safety aspect. But thankfully there are so many options available.

I could not imagine trying to help my own husband into a bath for example, he weighs twice my weight. How on earth would I even be able to help him if ever needed?

This got me thinking, how do people cope?

Bathroom aids from UKS Mobility gave me a better understanding of the basic needs, simple hygiene becomes a problem when you’re relying on someone else to meet your needs.

My husband is diabetic and many diabetics do go onto loose a leg, or in some instances both. It’s not something I worry about, because I am great believer in things happen for a reason, but it does make you think.

We never know what is around the corner.

Can you add any activities for people with dementia?

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