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Abstract Snowman Card

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Abstract Snowman CardI needed a simple and quick card project, and was inspired by some stock snowman art. After deliberating on all my options, I settled on using Sharpie markers to get the brightest color for the least amount of cost.1. I began by giving each student an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, a 5" square cardboard, a half 4" diam. circle and one 2" diam. circle template. Students folded the paper in half as shown, placed the square in the top center, and traced (lightly!) with a pencil.
2. The half circle was centered on the bottom of the square and traced in pencil. The small circle was placed above and also traced.
3. A hat was drawn on top of the head. Note: The top of the hat must touch the top of the drawn square. A horizontal line was drawn across the middle of the square, skipping the inside of the snowman.
4. The extra lines inside the snowman were erased. The hat was colored in with a Sharpie marker, as well as the other details.
5. The background of the square was colored with Sharpies, using four different colors.
6. White circles of paper made from a hole punch are glued randomly to the background. If desired, a message could be written in the space below the snowman.

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