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Abstract and Contemporary Art: Maximum Expression and Maximum Intervention (part I)

By Yasoypintor @antoniobasso

Some very interesting abstract artists artworks

This post is about abstract and contempary art artworks. It deals with a very interesting art classification I am developing and would like you to help me go forward. 

There are many ways of making art. I´m going to try to classify some abstract and contemporary artworks according to how expressive they are (maximum or minimun expression), and how much the artists “apparently or obviously” intervened in the making process (maximum or minimum intervention).

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Let me start with this stunning contemporary installation called Bride Fight and made by E.V Day. This is a perfect example of maximum expression with maximum artist intervention. You may like it or not, but you must agree with the fact that the artist created a difficult to execute piece with enormous expressionist power.

Now take a look at this video made by smarthistory videos. You see a hipper expressive Jackson Pollock abstract painting called #1. Again it´s the same history. Pollock´s intervention was maximum (we all know about his 100% corporal and mental artistic techniques, see the picture below). The result is an abstract painting whose expressionist power is with out doubt immense.


abstract expressionism, jackson pollock, abstract art, modern art, abstract painting

Below, another good example. It´s a Gerhard Richter abstract painting. Fabolous, isnt it?. Color mixture, non stop movement, colors choosen, the strong way Richter spreads the painting all around the canvas. Superb expression and total intervention by the artist.


Gerhard Richter, abstract painting, yasoypintor, contemporary art, modern art gallery,

And to finish this first article about maximum expression and maximun artist intervention, I share one of Antonio Basso´s (me) abstract paintigs called Crossroads 004. Color contrast, infinite lines over lines, movement, some kind of equilibrium, hard phisical and mental effort, and quite a big size (160 x 130 x 4 cms). Hope you enjoy it.

Antonio Basso, yasoypintor, abstract painting, modern art gallery, abstract artists, art masters

If you are an abstract artist, would you classify your art according to this parameters?. Could you please share with us other abstract artists names or artworks with in this classification?. Please add you comments below and help spread the word by sharing this article with others.

ps: Have you already voted your most admired XXth century abstract artist. If not, click the previuos link and collaborate with the interesting voting that it´s taking place untill May the 31st.. Thanks for helping.

I alwasy try to attribute images and videos to their creators. If there is something misattributed or you would like it to be removed, please contact me.

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