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Absence, Heart, Fonder, Whatever.

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Absence, heart, fonder, whatever.

They say you never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, but I never really got why that was a positive lesson. By the time most people realize what they’ve lost, it’s too late to get it back. So where’s the good part?

If you feel as though your relationship is reaching it’s use by date, a simple inspirational quote and the thought that you may just be better off in this relationship than out of it isn’t really enough to relight the flame and do away with any bad feelings you may be having – now is it?

Short answer? No, it isn’t.

So how do go about dealing with any feelings of uncertainty you may have in your relationship? You know that niggling feeling that perhaps the person you share your Sunday night snuggles with may not ultimately be the one for you? Dealing with a decision of that magnitude is mind-boggling and can often see you end up alone – even though you may not want that at all.

Luckily for you lot, I happen to have the answer.

A vaycay.

No, not with each other, just one of you.

I have recently discovered that a short time physically apart – as in not just a break from your relationship – can provide you with the answers you’re looking for. And if you’re head over heels crazy about someone, time apart can feel like extraordinarily slow torture – and reaffirm just how bonkers you are for each other at the same time.

On the other hand, if two weeks feels like two days – then I think you have your answer.

But who really benefits from this idea the most? Those in relationships who continue to ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ about their special someone.

I strongly recommend you take some time apart, gage how painstakingly excruciating it is to be without each other – and call me in the morning.


How do you deal when you come across uncertainty in your relationship?

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