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Abbie's 11 Month Update!

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
You are now 11 months old! 28 days till the big first birthday, I don't understand how this all happened..someone has pressed fast forward and you are no longer my little much as that makes me sad, you are a proper little person now, with your own personality and all! You have started to have proper tantrums now, don't get me wrong you are so well behaved, but just like any toddler to be you can have your the other day when you were playing in the bath, you wanted to play with the plug which was fine, until it was time to get out, you let out an almighty scream and made your body stiff, I wrapped you up in your towel whilst you decided to cry and produce tears too, it's obviously a distressing thing to be taken away from a plug! I gave you boob and you calmed down straight away...then I was able to get you ready for bed, phew!Abbie's 11 Month Update!You're properly crawling now, you took your time but you are such a pro! It seemed like it was just yesterday when you first started standing up, now you crawl over to the nearest piece of furniture and up you go, sofa, tv stand, then show off by letting go with one hand, slowly followed by the second, wobbling for a bit then grabbing it so keep trying to stand up Inge middle of the floor too, your bum goes straight up in the air, head down but your little legs aren't quite ready yet! If we're sat on the floor with you, you always come over and either climb us or wriggle your little bum onto our lap.. Too cute! :)Abbie's 11 Month Update!
Moving onto food now, you pretty much eat everything, for breakfast you either have porridge with some fruit or something on toast, you love to feed yourself by hand but your not quite got the hang of holding the spoon yet, you just shake it and everything gets covered in it! Lunch is usually a purée of vegetables or fruit with some bread and a rice cake! Everytime mommy or daddy eats you have to investigate...

You don't have any teeth yet, were guessing one is going to come through soon as you've been chewing on everything and even had bleeding gums the other day, plus you've had some grizzly days recently too! We think you're going to look a lot older when you have some teeth, although you do have the cutest gummy smile, I think ill miss that! Talking of smiles, you smile at everyone, they don't even have to smile at you first, you're such a flirt with the boys too, think well have to lock you up till your 30! :).
Abbie's 11 Month Update!
You wear 9-12 month clothing now, some of it is still too big but 6-9 is looking a bit tight! We measured you the other day and you're now 74cm, you're quite small for your age but you have plenty of time to grow, mommy was small too so I guess you get it from me :)You still love mummy's milk, 3 times a day and once in the night, it's mainly a source of comfort nowadays which I actually like, when you're tired you just crawl over to me, put your hand down my top, grab boob and snuggle up to me, I treasure those moments! :). You have 2 naps a day, one in the morning which is usually 1 1/2 - 2 hours long, and another at around 2 which is for the same length of time, at bedtime you sleep between 10-11 hours too! Abbie's 11 Month Update!Your vocabulary is superb, you can say quite a lot, mum, dad, daddy, up, see you, oink oink, and daddy very recently taught you how to speak like Donald you do that pretty well! You understand us alot more now too, when I saw boobie or milk milks, you jump up and down and look straight at my chest and react to other things we say too!Story time is still your favourite, pulling out the tabs and pointing out spotty ladybird, you've memorised where everything is so zoom through them! You tend to crawl over to your toybox and grab a book, sit down and just read it to's adorable!Abbie's 11 Month Update!We are so lucky to have such a clever, healthy and beautiful little girl, you make us smile everyday and we love watching your personality develop, before we know it you'll be bossing us around and going off to school..ahhh! :)X

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