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A Year In The Life Of

By Millerweddings @phoebewedding
A Year In The Life Of

It has been just over a year since I stood at the altar and said I do. After we came back from our short honeymoon we were bombarded with the how's married life? What a stupid question. Its brilliant. You were there a week ago when it happened...what do you think would have changed? Am I not smiling enough now? Married life really is wonderful. Michael turned to me the day after our wedding and he said he felt a new loyalty towards me, that we were our own team now. I felt it too, its something that you can't describe, and something that I hadn't felt whilst he was my fiancé. It was warm and fuzzy though. So this is how our year progressed...

November - Got married. Enough said. 

December to January - Moved in to our first ever home. We got to spend New Years Eve on a bed in our living room as we didn't have a sofa yet but it was wonderful. I learnt a lot about Michael whilst living with him. Some positive such as his love of cooking, some negative, mainly his fricking floordrobe next to the bed (hence the text I tweeted the other day). 

A Year In The Life Of

February - Continuing our "firsts". Our first Valentines and my birthday. We had a lovely supper at our new dining table. The end of February was rather odd. I awoke at 6am one morning in crippling pain in my lower abdomen, thought it may have just been extreme lady pains. I waddled downstairs, filled up a hot water bottle and returned to bed. Nothing more was thought of that. 

March - Michael has been in his new job for a while. He comes home at lunch times. He likes Chicago town deep dish pepperoni pizza. We also start to get in to a routine. I like routine a lot. The blog started to take off and I asked Miller to write a little bit for it about how he felt during our engagement and wedding. Missed a period. Shit. 

April - Still shit. Did a test. Pregnant. Called the doctors. Called Michael. Cried for roughly a million hours. Numerous hospital appointments. Michael came with me for every single one. I lived in sweatpants and a hoody for weeks. Comfort ate. Turned out the pain I experienced in Feb was a miscarriage yet my body still thought I was pregnant. 

May - Hospital again for an abortion. I was aborting a sack (sac) apparently. Took some tablets. Came home. Cried. Cried. Cried. Michael was amazing. I fell more and more in love with him after the way he was so supportive. Words can not describe how grateful I am. 

June - Did a test. Not pregnant. New pain in lower abdomen. Dragged myself to the doctors. Infection in the womb, I took antibiotics and curled up on the sofa for 5 days. It all cleared up but it was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. Michael, yet again felt totally helpless but was utterly brilliant. 

July - August - Good months! We enjoyed warm (ish) summer nights, lovely long days in the park, bbqs, lots of wine and lots of laughs. Big Brother started. Oh yes. 

September - My favorite time of year! The countdown to Christmas had begun. I met Jaye of Tux and Tales, and she genuinely changed my life. She is such a positive and warm person. 

October - Started house hunting, enjoyed my friends 25th. Miller had a scare with his man parts. Ultrasound done, all clear. Plans are under way for my very first photo shoot. He still has a floordrobe. We made pumpkins for Halloween. 

November - One whole year. And what a year it has been. 

Our first year as a married couple has had far more lows than highs but we have come out the other side stronger than I could have imagined. I am even more in love with Michael. He really is my everything.

Lets hope this next year has far more highs. I am exhausted. 

Love P 

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