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A Voice For Tamsyn; Mother Of 4 Failed By Our System

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

 A Voice For Tamsyn; Mother Of 4 Failed By Our System

Let me introduce you to a fabulous lady named Tamsyn Wood, a mom to four children who had the world at her feet, that was until her husband suffered a severe brain injury, leaving him blind and severely disabled; thanks to our screwed up benefit system this mom is now struggling to even feed her children, yes you guessed it, her benefits have now been cut.

It took a community of blogging mothers to rally together to complain and voice as much noise as they could to get Tamsyn back into the system, but for me that’s not good enough. The suffering and worry that the system brought onto this mother is never going to be justified.

“The benefits system provides practical help and financial support if you are unemployed and looking for work. It also provides you with additional income when your earnings are low, if you are bringing up children, are retired, care for someone, are ill or have a disability.”

The benefit system failed Tamsyn, like it does so many. Where was the support to this family?

Our benefit system sucks, Chancellor George Osborne plans to cut an extra £10bn from the benefits budget. Vowing to cut the benefit system by an extra £10bn is not only threatening the livelihood of Tamsyn & Alex but also of the thousands of others who can’t be heard.

Far too many are conning the system and this is where the problem arise, yet it is those that do qualify and desperately need the support that become the targets. We don’t all con the system, some of us have no other choice but to need this help to survive.

This is something very much close to my own heart, I have personally faced the systems prejudiced and you can read about my own fight with The Job Centre & Back To Work Interviews For The Mentally post in regards to how they treat mentally ill claimants.

Not all claimants of benefits need them, if you are one of those then I ask you to stop and think about that. The system is there for those like Tamsyn who desperately need it, do you really need to be claiming?

A mother of 4 with a disabled husband is hardly a benefit scrounger; she’s a remarkable woman trying to hold her family together during a traumatic time. Perhaps someone from the Job Centre could pop around for coffee and care for her husband and her children so she can go and do a bit of shopping, maybe then they will see what happens in the real world.

Tamsyn has received the devastating news that Alex’s rehabilitation funding is to be CUT also. If this is not rectified Alex will be transferred to a care home.

Let’s take a loving husband and father away from his home, his wife and his children and let’s stick him in some care home because we can’t fund him?


What type of country do we live in? We have a benefits system that is there to help people like Tamsyn, so where is the help?

I urge you all to support me in helping Tamsyn and many other mothers like her fighting a system that is ran by morons.

You can join in the Twitter party tonight to help raise awareness at 8.30pm using the hashtag#Shouting4Tamsyn

I have signed the petition – will you? PETITION < If you care then you need to sign it

Please watch the video 

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