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A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post

By Selina Hoit
Hey Friends!
OK, right now I'm listening to Girl From Ipanema from my Island Girl Playlist. (Yes, I do have an Island Girl list) ;-)
A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post
Is there anyone else who is ready for WARMTH??!!!!
We still have SNOW in our forecast.  :-/
A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post
I really enjoyed the snow December 20 - 27th LOL, but now it's nearly February and I'm ready to move on to the warmth and sunshine.
So, I'm doing an virtual mid week warm travel post for us :-) "VIR-TU-AL:  Not physically existing as such, but made by software to appear to do so."  Hee,hee.....that is my mission for this post ;-)
Really, all I want to be able to do is.......
Read on the beach:
A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post
Put pineapples on my head:

A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post
And flowers on my eyes:
A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post
Is that too much to ask for?  ;-) 
I have my 40th birthday this year (shhhhhhhhh!!!!) My husband promised to take me somewhere tropical though.....probably to take the sting off. ;-)

A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post

On our last trip to Mexico!

This place in Thailand looked gorgeous.  My friend just got back from there and honestly, what excited me most was him listing off all the amazing abundant tropical fruit there!!!  Has anyone else tried JackFruit?  OH MY WORD - favorite fruit in the world and it's cheap and plentiful there!
A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post

There is also a place in Thailand where you can go swim with the elephants!  Who needs dolphins when you have elephants - ha!!
A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post

I'm sure this would be me, somehow I'd fall off it :-)

A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post

Blue Elephant Tours

My 8 year old daughter just saw this picture and said, "Couldn't they just smash you if they don't like you?"  (HA!! I was actually thinking the same thing - hee, hee.....dolphins are sounding pretty safe right now.)
I also have on my bucket list to sail around the Greek Isles.
I can feel the sunshine now :-)

A Virtually HOT Mid Week Post

Crete, Greece

Is there is anyone else ready to be so hot you have to turn on your air conditioning? (and that has to be HOT for me!)
Well my friends, I hope this out of the ordinary mid week post has brought some warmth to your day :-)  You are now closer to Friday than Monday :-)
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Virtually Week Post
Virtually Week Post
Virtually Week Post

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