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A Very Strange White Peach

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

All your comments on my being sick were awesome. I’m so bloggily loved.

I had a craving for some of my Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Fudge Coconut Bliss ice cream last night.


I healthified it with 34.2 raspberries. I don’t think I could crush any more in there.

I woke up feeling back to normal again. I’m not too sure if I’ll be doing bbq like normal today… but I think the worst is behind me and I won’t be sitting at home sick again any time soon.

When my digestive system isn’t quite right it’s really hard for me to feel my hunger and full cues, I think just because I feel weird. I’m a lot better at eating based on what my body tells me it wants when my stomach and intestines are functioning normally.

I was feeling a little frustrated with myself this week, mainly because I was having a hard time getting back to how I was eating before vacation. I thought I just wasn’t being very disciplined. But after yesterday’s tummy troubles I think my mind was having a hard time knowing what my body wanted because it was so out of whack.

It’s important to give myself the benefit of the doubt sometimes. I’m doing a great job and healthy eating and I shouldn’t feel defeated just because I had a rough time this week. Every day is a new day.



I remembered that I really like peaches in my cereal.

Of course I had to make some cereal.


I had a bowl of Newman’s Own Cinnamon, Flax & Bran flakes with 3/4 of a very strange white peach cut into it. It had a really small seed, but the fruit around the seed was really hard and inedible.



I think these are my new favorite shoes… Keds from a discount store.

Morning Snack or Second Breakfast


Gala and Lara.

Cappuccino Larabars are the best ones.


Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

How do you pick yourself back up after things?

What is your favorite Larabar flavor?

I really want to try the blueberry muffin one and if you have them at your whole foods, safeway, raleys, or market and you ship one to me I’ll repay you with a goodie box! {im being 9 ways of serious about this!!!}

What is your favorite clothing item or accessory right now?

These shoes and my Michael Kors Bradshaw chronograph watch in gold!

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