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A VERY Good Samaritan

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

My Parents called me yesterday with a story about their day.  They had to go to the Dr for some tests and were on their way home when their car "died" in the middle of a very busy intersection.  The car wouldn't work and even the flashers were dead.  My Parents are almost 88 and 90 and didn't know what to do.  Cars were honking and people were sceaming.  As my Mother said "we were so scared".  Then, a man drove up behind them and got out to see what was wrong.  My Dad explained that nothing worked.  The man called the Police and also tried to help my Dad call AAA to tow the car.  My Dad has a cell phone but couldn't "make it work".  So, the man went home, called AAA and then returned.  When AAA towed the car to a repair shop, the man offered to drive them to it.  My Mother said she couldn't get in his vehicle because it's an SUV.  He then proceeded to go home and get his car.  He returned, helped them both in the car and folded up her walker to put in his trunk.  He drove them both to the dealership and spoke to them on my Parents behalf.  Once he was assured that the car was going to be fixed (or they would get a loaner car), he left them with his name and number in case they had further problems. 

It ends up that it was just the battery and my Parents were able to leave for home an hour later, but this Good Samaritan went out of his way to help them and I thought it was worthy to mention in my blog. 

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