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A Tip Or Two for Today

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

In a previous post, I did mention that I would continue to add bits and pieces of useful information and handy hints to this Tips category on a a regular (cough, splutter) basis, and for the purpose of sanity, right now I am going to have to accept that “regular” and “ad hoc” are indeed interchangeable.

Anyhoooooo, here are some ideas and tips that I ooohed and ahhhhed over and then duly committed to the “I might need this one day” section of my brain. Hope they are of interest to you too


  • bits of steel wool rolled into small little balls + a few soap suds + a brisk shaky shaky = sparkling clean bottles and vases
  • do you use a bread box? Throw a potato (or slice of fresh apple) in there too to stop bread drying out
  • if making a cake with coconut, soak the coconut in the recipe’s milk allocation to stop it having a drying effect during baking
  • sifting a packet cake before using is supposed to result in a cake that is lighter and higher
  • if you have a little itty-bitty clothes line, save space by hanging socks and bras to a wire coat hanger and then pegging the hanger to the line
  • before you jump into a new pair of jeans soak them for 24 hours in a solution of salt and hot water – use about 200-250g of salt to the bucket of water. After this little treatment your jeans shouldn’t run or fade

What terrific tip do you swear by and would like to share?

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