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A Tale of Two Fredericks

By Authoremerylee @authoremerylee

Today I made an interesting little discovery I thought I would share…

A while back I did a series of posts on this blog about the private lives of the King Georges, which also included the “un-George” Frederick, Prince of Wales , son of George II and father of George III who died before he could inherit the British throne.

As portrayed in my novel FORTUNE’S SON, Frederick was a great philanderer and had a number of mistresses. He was also a close friend of Charles Calvert, fifth Baron Baltimore and was godfather to Baltimore’s son and heir, also named Frederick.

Today I was reading about Frederick 6th Lord Baltimore (an even more infamous 18th century philanderer) and came across a portrait of him as a young man. I was immediately struck by how much he seems to resemble NOT his father, but Frederick Prince of Wales.

A Tale of Two Fredericks

Frederick 6th Baron Baltimore is on the left and Prince Frederick as a young man on the right

Makes one wonder…

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