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A Surprise Facial!

By Naturallychique32 @kirigoliz

Yesterday I went product hunting. My hair was feeling lifeless and for weeks it had completely refused to “take in” any products. My leave-in conditioner would just sit on top of my hair leaving it flaky and pasty, so I had to wipe it off with a towel which beats the purpose.

So anyway, I decided it’s time to chelate my hair. I live in an area with very hard water so it was about time. I went to Ulta Beauty to look for a good chelating shampoo. The moment I walked in I almost forgot why I was there in the first place. I went to the perfume section to try out some perfumes, they even have coffee beans to sniff on in case your olfactory senses decide to go crazy on you. I then moved on to look at the makeup and that’s when I was hijacked! A big blond woman came to me and asked me if I had a minute to spare, and I had a lot more than a minute to spare, so I said yes and she asked me to follow her.I followed her to a small corner in the store where she had a small setup.As it turns out she was an aesthetician. She started by asking me whether I had had a face mapping done before, I admitted that I had no inkling what that was. Long story short, I ended up getting a mini facial. My skin feels amazing!

Back to my hair, after much searching, I settled on Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three. I got the small travel size bottle for a little under $5. I went home and washed my hair. The shampoo got my hair was squeaky clean.A chelating shampoo goes one step further than a clarifying shampoo, it cleans the hair from inside getting rid of mineral build up as well. My hair felt soft and fluffy but that did not fool me! I still deep conditioned my hair. I have this deep conditioning treatment that I got from Walgreens. It’s greenish in colour and it smells heavenly,I absolutely love it! It’s called Bioinfusion olive oil deep conditioning treatment. It cost me about $8 and I definitely got my money’s worth and then some. I deep conditioned for about an hour and it made my hair so soft. I officially love it!

A surprise facial!
Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo and Bioinfusion olive oil deep conditioning treatment

I learned that chelating is a very necessary part of hair care. I wouldn’t do it too often though because of its stripping action, I would recommend doing it once or twice a month at most. My hair is now absorbing my leave-in and it’s no longer just sitting there, and I can definitely feel a difference in the texture of my hair, its much softer.

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