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A Superficial List of Why the Cold Irritates Me

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

I live in a city that is currently unbearably cold. The positive side of this is that it’s making me feel better about moving to a city that actually has four seasons, as opposed to the two seasons of completely freezing and moderately warm.

I suppose that people stuck in the city with no hopes of getting out have learned to live with the weather. I suppose they lie to themselves and say that it’s really not that bad.

However, that is BS. It is not just a normal winter cold in my city, it is a cold that makes me angry. In no particular order, here’s why:

1) I can’t wear any eye makeup unless it’s water proof because the cold removes it from where it’s supposed to be and I end up looking like a racoon.

2) My school decided that now is a great time to do construction on the inside tunnels so I have to go outside between classes.

3) I bundle up like I’m going to climb Everest and am still cold after less then one minute outside.

4) My city’s transit authority is completely shocked when it gets cold in winter and the entire system breaks down.

5) Hanging out with people doesn’t seem worth it since it always involves going outside to a vehicle.

6) Going outside requires a pep talk. “You can do! It’s just five minutes! You’re awesome! You’ve got your awesome mitts and your awesome scarf! You will survive this!!

So, now that I’ve empty myself of all negative thoughts on my city’s weather, let’s here from you. What’s the weather like in your city?



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