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A Stroll to Celebrate the First Day of Fall

By Lindsay James @leavelindzalone

This Sunday past was officially the first day of Fall (though you wouldn’t really know it around here!). Being that Fall is my favorite season, I decided I wanted to celebrate in some way. As a result, Jay and I ended up heading to Starbucks for some pumpkin spice lattes and going for a stroll through Springbank Park and along the Thames River.


It was a beautiful morning even though it was a little bit on the cloudy side. The late were delicious and the park was humming with activity, which was great considering it was a Sunday morning. And this humming activity didn’t just mean people!


Squirrel scampering off to hide his chestnut


Geese everywhere!

There was very little in terms of changing leaves around the park, but it was beautiful nevertheless. There were peeks of oranges and reds and yellows and I managed to catch a bit of it on camera while we were walking through the park.


Little bit of red…


…and a peek of some orange

The park also offers several kilometers of paths along the Thames and we took to those for a little while as well. We have had a lot of stormy weather recently and the river was quite high and moving very quickly. I was thankful for the fences along most of the path (at least the part we travelled).


High water to the left…


…and to the right


There is normally a sandbar here…

I think the highlight of the walk though (aside from the quality time with my significant other, being as it was his first weekend home after being away at work for two weeks) was the crowd of ducks along the edge of the river.


A duck party!

Some were sleeping, some were feeding, preening, and others seemed to be just hanging out – playing it cool. They were mainly mallards both male and female, although there were a couple we couldn’t place and a lone Canada Goose joining the crowd. It looked like a huge planned social gathering and it was kind of cute. They made me smile and we stayed there watching them for some time.

I guess last but not least, I can’t forget the little surprise we found across the river from us while we were walking.


Abandoned house across the river

I think we sometimes forget that decay can be its own kind of beautiful. The house across the river was boarded up and falling apart, but there was so much detail and character in that place that I think if it could be accessed (I’m really not sure)  that some amazing photos could be taken. In the meantime though, I guess I can continue to appreciate it from afar.

It was a fantastic first day of fall to walk and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope Jay had a good time as well because I hope to do it again soon.

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