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A Stepmom's Wish

By Momishblog @momishblog
This post was sent to me by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  Her words speak to the wishes, desires, and struggles of so many stepparents out there so I had to share it.
A Stepmom's Wish
I wish...I wish we could go a full year without drama from my husband's ex wife

I wish my stepson would get treated well at his moms house

I wish my stepson's mom would show him more love and affection - which includes structure, responsibility, and discipline

I wish my stepson's mother would pay more attention to his schooling, and make sure he does his homework - show him how important schooling is and that it needs to be a priority

I wish my stepson's mother would prepare balanced healthy meals for my stepson, which include vegetables instead of just fast food, chicken fingers and potatoes, or processed pre-made meals

I wish my stepson's stepdad would respect him 

I wish we could have custody of my stepson without having to go through a court battle (which no child should have to go through, and which is an extremely expensive and difficult process)

I hope and pray that my stepson grows up to be a healthy and happy adult, who isn't scarred by everything that his mother has put him through

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