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A Speech For Dhammakosajarn

By Titu22
First of all I pay respect to our most respected venerable Prof.Dr.Phra.Dhammakosajhan and other executive venerable.
Dear all the respected and honorable monks, novices, dhamma brothers, Sisters, Friends, Upasakas and Upasikas. I thank you all for giving me a chance to talk and share in this new year ceremony on behalf of international students.
Today we are all here to share the happy time of the new year. Old is the gold and that’s what we are all told but this is a theory that none of us can hold.
Our happy and sad days of 2009 has come to an end and it’s our proper time to accept the coming year 2010 with band.
So let us join our hands together and fulfill our best wishes forgetting the past sad days.
So on behalf of all the international students I wish you all the best wishes on your ways with honor and respect and hope all your wishes come true…
Thank you!
Titu barua

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