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A Social Network for Your Community: Better Know Open Neighborhoods

Posted on the 28 December 2011 by Blab
A Social Network for Your Community: Better Know Open Neighborhoods

Community Solar Panels

When tackling the important task of revitalizing local communities, communication is key. Open Neighborhoods, based in Los Angeles, California, brings the idea of local communication to the digital age. Their unique social media platform for neighborhood engagement brings people together and creates public dialog.

A community space, however, is only as good as its accessibility. To make their platform available to everyone, Open Neighborhoods has worked to launch a massive, free public wi-fi initiative sponsored by local businesses, local council, and the local farmer’s market. Open Neighborhoods then spreads the word about which local businesses are supporting the community so the community can turn around and support them back.

Open Neighborhoods has expanded their digital platform to create a group purchasing program for solar energy that uses social media to coordinate a community purchase of solar panels. This purchasing structure cuts the typical payback time in half, to 5-7 years. Open Neighborhoods works with local partners to complete installation and energy distribution amongst participants. The program has been wildly successful and is now spreading throughout the Los Angeles area. Open Neighborhoods also provides local educational events on renewable energy and the organization is working on innovations to allow renters to purchase solar power within an apartment building.  Through their efforts, solar energy is becoming much more accessible.

B Corp Certification stood out as a clear way for the company to demonstrate their work to expand the bottom line of business to include people and the planet. By measuring and auditing their social and environmental performance, Open Neighborhoods is able to demonstrate their dedication to a positive impact. The B Impact Assessment is also a useful tool as Open Neighborhoods expands and seeks new ways to create a positive impact. As they grow, Open Neighbors is sure to bring more people together and make communities greener.


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