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A Sign of Procrastination

By Sofiaessen
A Sign of ProcrastinationI haven't written a book yet. So don't take a look at Amazon, not today anyway..., unless you want to get acquainted with a brilliant author such as Sofia Essen. She wrote her first paragraph many "yesterday's" ago. I am not even close today, let alone tomorrow and I am not going to talk about yesterday. Life sucks, it's not fair to have such a brilliant daughter.
So guess what, no written book today. Not even the first paragraph. Perhaps tomorrow! I will decide this tomorrow. I think tomorrow is a good day for this kind of decision. Yes, tomorrow it is. And then again, there will always be many more tomorrows - don't you agree. I prefer today's because then I can always decide tomorrow. Make sense? Because today I can ramble on and on what I am going to decide tomorrow…
Yes, I have actually made a decision today that I will decide tomorrow. If I will write that book you know. Oh yeah, it feels so good when you are so decisive. I mean, I am going to decide tomorrow if I am going to write a book the next day... the day after tomorrow. Is this a future tomorrow? I think so and it makes total sense to me. Oh, I love this. Tomorrow is a never ending story. I don't think I am rambling now, do you? I think I am a strong decision maker. Who knows what tomorrow is going to bring? I am tomorrow's man.
Since you all now know I haven't written a book, go ahead and read Sofia’s book “Change of Pace”. Don’t procrastinate, do it today! Head over to Barnes & Noble or Amazon.
Best Regards to Everyone, “A rambling but proud father”

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