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A Shoe Addicts Wishlist.

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
  Kandee Shoes!   A Shoe addicts wishlist. - Buy them here -    I've had a major snog fest with this designer for a while now.. & regrettably didn't buy a pair when they were on 70% off earlier this year. So now I weep at the thought of paying £140 for the heels -sad face- That's something I realistically cannot afford right now, as I need a laptop and quality camera before I even begin to think about shoes! Not to mention a hideously large rent bill..   A Shoe addicts wishlist.
 The A/W collection also offers purses & bags to match the shoeboots and stillettos. Meaning for those of you that are in love with the color clashing trend (& have a bags of pennies) you can really go to town!   But anyways, if any kind soul would like to buy a very much in love blogger a pair of these beauties, please forward them to Huddersfield in a size 3 please ? -sigh- Oh and any colour, I'll even take the lime green ones, mm zesty!   Are you a Kandee Girl?   A Shoe addicts wishlist.  

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