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A Self Healing Process

By Pragyasharma57 @pragyasharma57
Om Shanti
This is the way people will greet you there and every passerby (known or unknown) will carry a smile on his face and address you with Om Shanti.It carries peace more than the way it sounds.
So, I was at Om Shanti Retreat Center by Bhrama Kumaris for a 2-day healing program by 'Asian book of World Records Medical Wing' and I believe(as of now!) that it would surely bring some changes within the mind and bodies of people who attended it, including me.There's so much to tell you about all I went through there.


A part of the campus for meditation purpose

The program aimed at helping us to heal our body without any medical aid. In this fast pace world, we are indeed unaware of our own self and our happenings. We don't have time to introspect. While I on the other hand have always been a solitary person. I love being left alone, most of the time( Although it is a rare phenomenon!). So the session was an added glory to my lifestyle. 
The place itself was so peaceful, that I somewhat disliked the continuous sessions although some of them were really educative, making us aware of few things we are unacknowledged of( I am talking of some really serious issues here). So in this post I'll talk about Physical healing and in another regarding Spiritual healing.
The Physical healing session was by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary- 2 Guinness Book of World Records holder( You can Google him!) and an author of renowned book "How To return From Hospital Alive". So,I'll bring to your knowledge some of his well experimented facts/established theories( Here, only 13 are enlisted but there are many in fact. This post is too short to list them all!) 
  1. There are around 7 civilizations in this world where people never go sick, there are no doctors, no  hospitals, and have never been for years. One such place is in India, called Hunza in J&K state.( I was lucky to have a full-fledged Hunza breakfast and the Hunza Tea-it was so refreshing).
  2. We all are cannibals. Yes, that's true because there is a compound called HEK293 that is obtained from the embryo's cell and is added to foods and one of its customer is Nestle among other famous food brands.So its proven.
  3. Milk can do you more harm than benefit if you are suffering from a genetic disorder. So, reduce its consumption if you have one. I came across this book by Dr. N.K. Sharma titled "Milk - A Silent Killer". Check it out here.
  4. Steve jobs died not of Cancer but of Chemotherapy.
  5. By-pass surgeries and getting stunts in your vessels as a treatment for heart attack are ways to decrease your already-decreased lifetime while the body already has a mechanism of making a collateral artery (alternate vessel) in case of severe blockage. So relax.
  6. You know why people get more hunger pangs after eating so much fast food even when they are full. ? The reason: MSG( MonoSodium Glutamate)- a flavor added to the processed foods( notice it on processed foods, its written added MSG and all) It possesses a quality that attracts people to have more and more despite of being full. The result- an obese generation.
  7. There is a food chemical used in processed foods nowadays that has the same effect as alcohol has on our bodies except that we don't get in a drunken state but the results are same.
  8. There have been recommendations to ban vaccines because they contain Mercury- the most poisonous element whose effects come to surface only after 10 years or so.
  9. The radiations we are exposed to after getting around 4-5 X-Rays and CT Scans is equivalent to the radiations the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to when Atom bombs were dropped during world War II and whose effects are still visible in present generation. See some here. So it might not affect you but will surely your progeny.
  10. Selling Sugar Free is illegal in many countries because the sugar substitute compound used in it called  'Aspartame' is 200 times sweeter than sugar.Plus, it can cause 30 other types of diseases.I wonder it is used as a sugar substitute for diabetic people????
  11. Fever is not your enemy. Well, why fever occurs? The answer, sometimes during speaking, some harmful germs get injected in our body. So, in order to get rid of them, brain increases the temperature of the body, switching off all non-required functions and enabling only the important ones (The reason you don't feel like eating, drinking or doing anything). By taking a fever pill, we are suppressing this mechanism and so the germs don't die and we develop fever again after few days.
  12. When we have intake of crude sugar, many other elements in the body like chromium, magnesium, cobalt, zinc and manganese are required for its proper digestion. So if we take Refined sugar instead, it will cause deficiency of these essential elements in our body. Same is the case for iodized salt. Supplements like Vitamins, food supplements like Cerelac, Bournvita, etc can cause the same deficiency of essential elements in our body.
  13. Some astonishing disorders common in current generation - Cage Tiger Syndrome( a husband suffers from it), Obsessive Shopping Disorder, Excessive Internet Disorder, Alien Hand Disorder in which a person's brain and his arm are disconnected. His brain is unaware of what his hand is doing (stealing something and you don't know it.!!)

I guess, this is my longest ever post! I hope it proves to be beneficial for you.Spiritual Healing covered in tomorrow's post.

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