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A Saturday Night to Remember

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
Hey There:
My Saturday night was one to remember, so before I begin with the tale let me give you the list of characters since there are several moving pieces in this story:
CatNanny - A guy friend who house sits and takes care of my cats when I go out of town. Dear friend and nothing going on with him, we are not each other's types.
BuffGeek - CatNanny's friend.
CoffeeGuy - He used to work at the coffee shop I go to all the time, so I used to see him almost every night and haven't seen him since he quit three months ago.
CoolTatts - CoffeeGuy's friend, has some amazing tattoos.
Mrs. Robinson - Lady in her late 40's maybe early 50's, dirty blond long hair, in good shape but very wrinkled.
Friend 1 & 2 - Mrs. Robinson's gal pals.
And now my Saturday Night....
I haven't seen CatNanny is a couple of months, so we decided to go to the Ould Sod on Saturday, but first I met him at the coffee shop where he was sitting at a table with BuffGeek. There was something about BuffGeek I liked immediately, handsome, gorgeous blue eyes, smart, computer geek and biceps that I tried hard not to put my hands on. We did some chit chat and even though I tried to be nonchalant I know I flirted shamelessly.
Eventually CatNanny and I left the coffee shop for the pub and I told CatNanny he had to be my wing man and get me BuffGeek. He said he had tried once, but now that he saw me in person he would try again. Fingers Crossed!
Because CatNanny and I are regulars at the pub as soon as we got there we said hello to other regulars, among them CoffeeGuy and CoolTatts. We got lucky and scored a booth, I was as happy as could be, a beer, my favorite pub with three guys giving me all their attention. That didn't last long, within minutes Mrs. Robinson asked if she could sit in one of the benches. Once she was settled next to me she brought Friend 1 & 2 to the table as well.
I was fine with them, until Mrs. Robinson started butting in whatever conversation I had with my guys. Then she started openly flirting with CatNanny, which was fine with me if he got lucky. But in order to reach him, she would stretch across me and "accidentally" putting her boobs on my arm. Every time she reached over I would try to get out of the way.
I kept getting a weird vibe from her. I escaped with CoffeeGuy and CoolTatts to get some second hand smoke outside, we compared notes and they agreed with me that Mrs. Robinson was weird. Eventually we all went back to the table and she tried to engage me in conversation, asking me about my relationship with CatNanny, I relaxed a bit, I thought she really was interested in him. When I denied any relationship other than friendship, she got close to me and whispered in my ear "Do you want a lover?" pulled away, smiled and looked me straight in the eye.
I said No immediately, moved away from her as much as I could and went back outside for more second hand smoke with the guys. It was there when CoffeeGuy asked for my phone number and in a sly way so CoolTatts couldn't see, he texted that he always had found me attractive, which was very nice of him to say.
When I went back inside Mrs. Robinson had changed seats to be next to CatNanny and made Friend 1 sit where I was originally seated. That way if I sat down on the booth she would be between the two of us. That's when I decided to leave with CoffeeGuy and CoolTatts.
CatNanny walked me out and we had a big laugh about the whole thing, especially since this was the second time I was hit on by a woman. The funny thing is that it only happens to me when I go out with him, never when I'm alone or with other people. Since the woman was all over him it was cool for him to stay and see what would happen.
The three of us went to the coffee shop and were just settling down when we saw Mrs. Robinson, Friend 1 & 2 walking by and a few minutes later in walks CatNanny sitting down with us. So our theory is that the lady wanted the both of us.......Yuck!
At the end of the night I drove everyone home, since I was the only one sober and they all lived nearby. The plan was for them to go back walking and pick up their cars the next day. The last one to be dropped off was CoffeeGuy who was sitting in the front with me.
When it was time to say good-bye we both leaned over for what I thought would be a quick hug and maybe a peck on the cheek, when he went for it and kissed me full on the lips. After the initial surprise I responded to his kiss and it was one of the best kisses I've had in a long time.
Since then we've texted and will be going out later in the week. He's 11 years younger than me and under normal circumstances I would have declined to go out with him, but that kiss made me look at him in a diffent light. The best part of all this is that we won't have the awkwardness of a first date since we already know each other and know the basics, so we can move on to different things. I'm looking forward to it, though I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for BuffGeek.

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