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A Royal Flush on the Moscow Metro

By Mendeleyeev
Metro Prospect Mira toilet a

Officials say that the new toilet on the train platform at Metro Prospect Mira is a test of the concept.

Several years ago Moscow began adding coin operated toilets, permanent units, to replace the old “construction site” style toilets near Metro stations. However, if there is a coffee shop nearby the trend is to head there for a toilet stop.

Metro Prospect Mira toilet b

Access is gained using a Metro ride card.

Metro Prospect Mira toilet f

Doors automatically lock once a passenger enters. Exit is gained by a push button.

Along with the addition of coffee vending machines in the Metro, system managers announced plans for toilets inside stations near the transition areas. It is a pilot project with the first one opened at the Prospekt Mira station earlier this week.

Metro Prospect Mira toilet e

Officials say that the toilet is “self-contained” and needs no plumbing or water connections. However, toilets do flush and there is water for washing one’s hands.

Metro Prospect Mira toilet d

Metro Prospect Mira toilet c

It had been speculated that Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin might attend the opening of the new toilet, and perhaps give a guided demonstration. Alas, he was a “no show” and instead, opted to make an appearance at the opening of Moscow’s new station “Kotelniki.”

Metro Kotelniki opening

Kotelniki is the 195th station on the Moscow Metro system. While Kotelniki has a fancy new vending machine for purchasing disposable umbrellas, there is no toilet. Yet.


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