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A Romantic Getaway at Tilal Liwa Resort

Posted on the 08 June 2019 by Dubai City Company @iqdubaicity

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When love is in the air of Arabian Deserts: A romantic getaway at Tilal Liwa

Winters in this Sunny land of UAE are something worth waiting for, the weather is amazing & there is always a cool breeze to soothe you. For people from relatively colder parts of the world, it may seem like summers and the westerners are seen enjoying a sunbath on the beaches, enjoying the desert safarisin these Arabian Sand s.

It was indeed a unique experience when my husband surprised me with a visit to the Tilal Liwa Hotel, near the world's largest sand dunes... THE LIWA OASIS.

Being #expats in UAE, we usually plan our staycations either in cooler parts of the country or beach resorts, but this hidden gem in the Liwa dunes is no less! If you haven't been to any such place, then Desert resorts are a must for the winters for you this season.

Last winters we couldn't go for a proper vacation, so we planned for a #staycation which is a very in thing among #UAEexpats. We booked a romantic package with the Danat hotel properties, and it was delightful..!!! It was a stay loaded with the feel of Arabian luxury, relaxation & fun activities at the same time! Read on to know why...

My son and I celebrate birthdays 4 days apart, so it was a special gift from my husband to both of us. We were welcomed with a gorgeous Chocolate fudge cake & in house Champagne, the lighting & decor of the room was just perfect!

The room at Tilal Liwa Resort was just perfect!

Romantic Getaway Tilal Liwa Resort

The room was decorated with rose petals all over, this package would indeed remind you of your honeymoon trip, love birds made with napkin art, refreshing smell of oud could be felt right after we stepped in, lush green gardens and the infinity pool with a view that's just breathtakingly beautiful and couldn't be imagined if you haven't been to UAE till now.

Romantic Getaway Tilal Liwa ResortA romantic getaway at Tilal Liwa Resort

After a refreshing spa session, we headed to the outside...there is the vast spread of sand dunes right after the hotel's pool and I must say, never have I imagined that sand could look so beautiful too!

Romantic Getaway Tilal Liwa Resort

Before heading to our Candle Light Dinner, we tested our brain cells on the giant chessboard... and there were lots to do for our son too! Small kids can enjoy indoor kiddie area, outdoor play area with trampoline etc. and there's plenty for elder kids and teenagers too like air hockey, table tennis, badminton court etc., there are many adventure sports option available like Quad biking, sandboarding, Camel rides and much more. If you've got little grown kids you can opt from list of family adventure packages & you won't regret it.

Romantic Getaway Tilal Liwa Resort

In evening after a stroll in the cool sands, we chose to go for a swim in the infinity pool, we weren't feeling hungry as yet so we decided to go to their Layali court and enjoy live belly dance (hourly, starts 8 PM, daily) and tanoura dance shows (this is a place in the hotel which also serves Shisha).

Romantic Getaway Tilal Liwa Resort When love is in the air of Arabian Deserts: A romantic getaway at Tilal Liwa

Finally it was time for our romantic dinner...they provide you 2 options, either you get it served in the room or you can enjoy it in the buffet hall (we chose the latter to avoid mess) there's a good variety of vegetarian options as well as non veg, the salads & desserts are amazing! Plus you'll get a serving of Red or Rose wine of your choice (in the package which we booked)

It was a stay to remember...and with lines of poetry from Henry Wadsworth, I'll always recall A romantic stay in the Arabian sands!

A handful of red sand, from the hot clime
Of Arab deserts brought,
Within this glass becomes the spy of time, the minister of thought
How many weary centuries has it been
About those deserts blown!
How many strange vicissitudes has seen,
How many histories known!

Did you know?

The Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi is around 250 km from the main city, extends over an area of 650,000km² and measures 1,000km in length by 500km in width. It has Saudi Arabia, Oman & Yemen on the other side of its borders

The Bedouin who lived in the oasis of Liwa (the Bani Yas tribe) tapped underground, freshwater recourses to cultivate dates and, as a result, a large number of villages and settlements appeared in Liwa during the 15th and 16th centuries. Liwa was the birthplace of the Nahyan family, the current ruling family of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, which, back then, was the leading family of the Bani Yas tribe

A romantic getaway at Tilal Liwa Resort

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Romantic Getaway Tilal Liwa ResortA romantic getaway at Tilal Liwa Resort

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