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A Relaxed Delivery from Komodo to Bali

By Behan Gifford @sailingtotem
Delivery mode isn't something we really enjoy, but it's a reality at the moment. I have a flight to the states to catch, and it won't wait for me. There are enough nets, fishing boats, FADs and debris that we don't feel comfortable being underway at night, so it's a series of four day hops that carry us west. But it's not terrible. Not at all. The first day out of Komodo, we must have passed a half dozen different pods of dolphins, setting the tone of pleasant (if windless) days.
dolphins! We think these were Risso's
There were a few times over the top of Sumbawa that we had to be directed around long nets by fishermen... making us feel that much better about deciding to stick to our plan of daylight transit.
fishing net flag At least this net had a big flag at one end
At the west end of Sumbawa, we anchored one night off Pulau Moyo near the low key, but spectacular, Amanwana resort. It's fun to visit remote resorts we come across- most of them are very welcoming- but we are tired from our day underway in the sun. It turns out there is a field of garden eels under the boat to explore, anyway. We leave the resort to the guests who are paying $1,000 and more per day for the privilege, and do some snorkeling off the boat instead.
Garden eels Looks like eelgrass, but they're actually fishy things!
Later, a launch from the resort comes over with a few members of their security team. They're not here to hassle us, though- only to issue an invitation. Would we like to come in and have a drink at the restaurant? We declined, but I really love the fact that they came out to be so welcoming. Just blown away, actually.
Our last stop before Bali is at Lombok. More accurately, we decide to head to Gili Air, a small island off the northwest point of Lombok. The draw? Another cruising boat! It's been a long itme since we've seen any other cruisers. Nellie & Nesh on Basjako found out we were in the region from our mutual friends, JoDon and Brian, formerly of El Regalo. It's been a while since we have met up with another boat and swap stories over sundowners.
Gili Air is charming, and dips us gently back into tourist land. There are no motorized vehicles on the island, just horse drawn carts and bicycles. Restaurants and bars front the beaches and exude a super casual vibe. Shoes are superfluous, so we feel right at home! We don't have time to linger, but look forward to returning after my trip to the states.
the charming horses of Gili Air Siobhan promises the horse she'll be back

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