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A Reader Said She Hated My Novel, and I Loved Her Words!

By Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Dream's Sake, debut novel of Jyoti Arora

I recently heard from one of the earliest readers of my debut novel Dream’s Sake. She said that when she first read the book, she hated it. But just wait till you read the reason why. And then you’ll know why I grinned almost to the back of my head with joy at her words!

In her own words (with just a couple of words of spoiler edited)

“Hi ma’am,

This is Aradhya, one of the people who won your book ‘Dream’s Sake’ in the giveaway contest you had arranged in 2011.

I wanted to say something to you. When you sent me the book after the contest, you also asked me to let you know what I thought about the book, and I said I will. But I never did.

The reason was- I hated the book. It was intriguing but sad. I always read the books in my collection again and again but I never re-read it. Until last month.

Last month I wanted to read something and for some reason I picked your book. And after reading it I realized why I hated the book. Because of the end. The book was simply beautiful !! I fell in love with the characters and when END CAME (Spoiler edited), it was easier to hate the book than to accept the ending. But now I know how wrong I was.

I am really sorry that I never replied to you and am sorry that I thought that your book was not good. It was one of the books that affected me a lot and I’m so happy to have it in my collection of books. Thanks a lot for that.

Looking forward to your second book,


Keep Smiling”

Oh, yes, Aradhya, I am smiling! It is good to know that I was able to create characters endearing enough for my readers to hate seeing them suffering!

But this isn’t the only review of Dream’s Sake that has come my way in the past week. Just today, Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai also sent me a link to her review of my Dream’s Sake. Her review too might have come after a long wait, but it came at a perfect time. To a writer who is preparing to self-publish her second novel, what can be better and more encouraging than the following words:

“Handling such a complex mesh of emotions and behaviors within limited number of pages is not a work of an amateur. One needs to have that eye and heart. Surprisingly, this comes as the debut novel from the author, Jyoti Arora. She is young in person and in book writing as well but is strong enough to give hard times to fellows and veterans for sure.” READ MORE HERE

Click here to Preview and know more about Dream’s Sake

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