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a Quick Little Lunch

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

My arms feel like jello and my legs feel like pudding. That workout this morning definitely kicked my booty.

I had to drive over to my Dad’s work so he could (hopefully) fix my car stereo. A few days ago the cigarette lighter broke and when it broke the whole stereo/dashboard cut out. My Dad had a feeling it was a circuit problem. So he found the right pluggy thingy and put a new pokey thing in the plastic grey box and voila! The stereo is up and running.

Now I don’t have to commute to and from campus in silence. That much silence can make anyone go a little crazy.


After my car was fixed Dad, Jaemen and I made a trip to Subway for a healthy bite to eat. We’ve had non-stop rain for over a week and sunny weather makes us want fresh-crisp sandwiches.

photo (2)

Subway 6 inch BLT on wheat bread. I’m a purist… only bacon, lettuce, tomato and a little light mayo on this sandwich.

photo (1)

My iPhone takes pretty great pictures. For a cell phone anyways. It’s nice to still have a camera when I forget my Canon at home.


Give me some bacon!

Open-mouthed smile

This sandwich was 360 calories and worth every measly little one. I just like Subway I think, strange?

Question of the Day

What are you doing to get ready for Beach Season

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