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a Productive Day

By Chocolateandoranges
Today was a super productive day- I got all my errands done so I can have fun this weekend!  First, I started off with some lunch:
a productive day
I had a Dr. Praegger's Spinach Pancake (something I used to eat a lot when losing weight but hadn't had for awhile) on a Rudi's whole wheat english muffin plus an egg and some hot sauce.  The sandwich was accompanied by broccoli and a tropical salad with pineapples, dates, pecans, and feta (plus the usual flavored balsamic and honey).  That's Cholula on the top of the spinach pancake.
After my productive day, I decided to cook up another veggie lasagna since I've been loving the leftovers for lunch at work.  It meant I ended up eating fairly late (almost 8pm) - I had a fairly late lunch but I was still pretty hungry so I had a pre-dinner snack of some siggi's and some of my new Udi's granola in the 'original' flavor.  The lasagna was delicious as usual, I wish it looked a little prettier but you can't have everything I guess. :)
a productive day
My lasagna was kept company by some berries with goat cheese and a sprinkle of citrus balsamic.  Yum!
Overall a great day off and I'm looking forward to the weekend!

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