A Procedure For Purifying The Liver And The Bile

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A Procedure For purifying The liver And The Bile

This is not just another diet. This is not just another frivolous step in a fit of despair. This is a reorganization procedure, where you need to consciously apply all the necessary steps to achieve best results.Preparation for the treatment - in a span of 6 days you must drink at least one liter of juice from sour green apples or beet.Apples contain the acid that softens gallstones and the stones in the liver thus allowing them pass through the ducts. Fermented apple juice contributes to the expansion of the ducts. So you should Drink apple juice slowly throughout the day between the meals. Avoid drinking immediately before your meal. Do that two hours later, after the meal. Besides apple juice, water is also vital. Drink between a liter and a half or two liters a day. You can rinse your mouth with baking soda or brush your teeth several times a day, not to damage your teeth from the malic acid (the best way to protect your teeth is to drink with a straw). 

During these 6 days, you must avoid cold foods and drinks - they cool the liver and reduce the effect of purification. To help the liver prepare for the main part of the cleansing you should exclude all foods of animal origin - meat, eggs, milk, and fried foods.*** To have 100 percent success rate throughout the procedure you must fulfill all of the above exactly. It is recommended that about 2 weeks before treatment you switch to raw food (do not take any food of animal origin, nor accept food that has preservatives and artificial additives! Also, avoid pasta and starchy foods, and the fast food type as McDonalds, exclude coffee and black tea too). Every morning before breakfast and at bedtime you can drink slightly warm water with honey. This further softens the stones in the liver and helps us avoid any painful sensations. ***Moreover, in the morning on an empty stomach you can drink 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil with a little lemon juice - this will cause the production of bile by the liver and thus prepare it for the very treatment that will be lots of load for it anyway. Run every day about 30 minutes or do aerobic exercises with warming effect. Immediately after 2 days before treatment you should not burden the body, avoid strong emotions, especially the bad ones and have a lot of rest. ***A Procedure For purifying The liver And The BileTry not to take medicines and vitamins during the 6 days of training, except those that are absolutely necessary. It is important not to burden the liver with unnecessary work. 
It is recommended  that on the sixth day you do aenema. This ensures a smooth pass of the stones through the urinary system.On the sixth day of preparation drink all the apple juice (one liter) in the morning. If you feel hunger, eat something light a fresh fruit or a vegetable. Do not eat anything (you can drink water when you are thirsty) after 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Otherwise you will have difficulty disposing of the stones.I Describe below the 2 methods of the procedure itself. One is for the people who cannot have an enema at home, so they have to drink a laxative in most cases that is the Epsom salts. And in the other method it is preferred not to drink the Epsom salts but have an enema.
Method I!
At 6:00 pm you should mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts (purchased from pharmacies) in 800 ml. of water (drink it as 200 ml for 4 times). Drink the first cup of 200 ml now. You can drink a few sips of water (with a little lemon juice) after that to neutralize the bitter taste of salt. Epsom salts expand the bile ducts, allowing the easy release of the stones. At 8:00 drink the second cup (200 ml.) of water with Epsom salts. At the time of treatment you can drink water when you are thirsty, but not right after you drink the Epsom salts and two hours after you drink the olive oil. At 9:45 squeeze the juice of 1 or 2 pink grapefruits (or a combination of a lemon and an orange or a lemon only). You need 180 ml. of juice. In a glass that has a cover you must pour 120 ml. of olive oil and add the grapefruit juice.
A Procedure For purifying The liver And The Bile

At 10:00 p.m. Put on your pajamas and stand next to your bed. Shake well the covered glass - about 20-30 times. Drink the liquid at once, if possible without interruptions. Lie down now! This is extremely important in order to facilitate the removal of the stones. Shut off the lights and lay on your back with one or two pillows under the head. Lie absolutely still for at least 20 minutes. Do not talk. Maybe you will feel the stones pass through the ducts of the liver and the bile. You will not feel any pain because the Epsom salts have widely expanded the ducts. Try to sleep. 

At night If you feel the need to visit the toilet - do it. You may also feel sick in the morning due to the release of the stones and toxins from the liver and the gallbladder. 
*** Sometimes the nausea is strong, but the most important thing is not to worry. Everything will pass, and you just have to wait quietly, lie back and think how nice it will be after purifying the liver and the bile. It can also make you vomit. This is part of the purification process so it is even better if that happens. ***
A Procedure For purifying The liver And The Bile
In the morning: 6:00 to 6:30 - after you wake up, but not before 6:00, drink a third cup of 200 ml of water with Epsom salts. 8:00 to 8:30 - drink the last cup of water with Epsom salts.10:00 to 10:30 - drink freshly squeezed fruit juice. The best one is beet + carrots + apples. Just that extra juice will purify the liver. After half an hour you can eat a few pieces of fruit. After an hour you can eat more solid food, but of vegetable origin. You'd better make a salad of beet, carrots and cabbage, in the evening or the next morning you will feel the first signs of improvement. Over the next 2 - 3 days try to eat a light meal.Method II: Throughout the six days it is good for you to warm up the liver with an electric pillow. About 17-18 hours you should have some enemas in order to get the road of the stones ready so that they are released all night. At 20 p.m. start to constantly warm up the liver. At 22 p.m. drink a cocktail of olive oil and a lemon or a grapefruit and just lie down. Continue to warm the liver while lying still.You can either sleep for an hour and a half to help the liver cleanse better. Sit back on your heels, closing the left nostril with cotton and begin to breathe through the right. Try to breathe slowly and smoothly, as a conscious attempt to move the diaphragm. All this will excite the liver to effectively release the stones. You can imagine how you get the rid of all the dirt. Between 1:00 and 3:00 at night you can feel sick or you may vomit. Do not worry - this is because at that time, the liver is working the hardest and all the forces of the body are concentrated in it. In about a maximum of half an hour, everything will pass. Just breathe. At 6:00 Make several enemas with water so that no stone is left stuck in the colon, because it might quickly get back and it might get worse. At 9:00-10:00 drink beet juice with apples, which will further wash out the liver. After an hour you can eat some fruit, and later some salad (as described above)
A Procedure For purifying The liver And The Bile
It is necessary to discard all the stones. This requires several sweeps. They can be made ​​at intervals of three weeks, or one month. It is important to know that once you start to cleanse the liver and the bile you should continue cleansing until after two successive sweeps you stop the discard of any stones. If you leave the liver half clean for a longer period (more than three months), this can lead to a greater feeling of discomfort than before. The liver will begin to function more efficiently soon after the first cleansing. Pain will decrease but your energy will increase. Your mental activity will also improve significantly a few days after the complete cleansing of your body. However, the stones from the rear of the liver will move forward to the two main hepatic ducts, which can cause all the previous symptoms occur again. This indicates that there are stones left and are ready to be discharged in the next cleansing.When you make several cleansing procedures you will experience many positive changes: the skin will clean from the acne, eczema, or other spots and flu viruses will pass through your body unnoticed. Your thoughts and mood will be more positive. You will have more energy for work and your recreation will be more effective ... What are you waiting for!
A Procedure For purifying The liver And The Bile
A Procedure For purifying The liver And The Bile
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