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A Pill for Everything

By Evg Enko

A Pill for Everything


I'll be straight about this one - it didn't take me long to realize folks in the states loooove all kinds of pills, drugs, medicines, remedies, herbs and such. There's hardly a comprehensive and all-inclusive directory of drugs that can be found and bought here.
Honestly, I feel like there a pill for everything, and the choices are limitless. Does your eye twitching or you hear a buzz in your left ear? Go see a doctor, I am sure he/she will think of something to prescribe you. Most likely there will be more than one even.
When I had a headache as a teen my mom would tell me to take a nap and have some warm milk. Ok, may be an aspirin, in case both of the methods didn't work. If I have a headache here, I am afraid to go to the drugstore - the decision making process over which one of two dozens painkillers I should choose only worsens it. For Realz.
The scariest of all to me is when I hear of youngsters being "on meds", like that's no big deal, and everybody does that. I grew up hating cough syrup, and these teenagers take all kinds of colorful stuff on a daily basis and don't think much of it. This sounds harsh, I know, but putting a kid on medication when they are going through puberty seems just as helpful to me as spanking a child that's already crying. That's just my {very} biased opinion anyways. Who am I to tell, after all? I am no MD.
Speaking of which, just from my observation and relatively limited experience dealing with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, medical must be one of the most lucrative industries in the USA. Am I wrong?
Stay healthy, my friends, take naps and drink milk, it's good for you!

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