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A Pastel Lavender Skirt

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
“I love lavender—both the color and the smell. And the sound (be quiet so you can hear it).
― Jarod Kintz, Whenever You're Gone, I'm Here For You
I did get that lavender oil like I said I would and it smells like heaven on my pillow cases. I got mine from a small shop in Trade Fair Complex, but if you want you can get yours  here.
When I first got these sandals I didn't really like them,but they've grown on me now and I can't stop wearing them.
A Pastel Lavender SkirtA Pastel Lavender Skirt
A Pastel Lavender SkirtHuman Woman skirt / WD.NY shirt / Mudd shoes / MICHAEL Michael Kors bag
A Pastel Lavender Skirt

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