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A Nordic Hangover

By Mpartyka @mpartyka2
A Nordic HangoverHello lovely friends,
I'm back online after over a month of entertaining, and taking an extended holiday to explore the Nordics/Europe (visiting seven cities | four countries).  This vacation hangover will continue through April, allowing time to share observations, tales, and photos.
Big News!
After months of research, we booked our next 'extreme adventure' from a hotel room in Switzerland.  Let me unpack and breathe for a minute, to enjoy the post Nordic glow before sharing the details. Some have an idea of what we are planning, while others may think we are a bit crazy.
Last Week
- While in Copenhagen I had someone ask if I'm Canadian.  This happens frequently...
- Phoebe, the puppy, had a virus that kept me on high alert, on day two I brought her to the vet to rule out a parasite.  Tiny lab is eleven months old and weighs just 40 pounds.
- Friday night we hosted a work dinner.  Someone told me "your home is warm and cozy."  This made me smile for two reasons: 1) we live in our home, with a casual/eclectic style and 2) a guy said this to me.
- My Best Running Friend moved to Spain.  Now all of my runs will be solo, the dogs replacing her on evening walks.  I may even miss our dreaded 5AM summer runs (to avoid the heat). sniff, sniff...
Project Wildflowers
Today is day 84 of my 100 day project.  I may not cross everything off my list but I am making good progress.  When I started this project I didn't know that I would be traveling for most of March (a wonderful excuse).
With 16 days left... here's my list:
Watch a Foreign Movie
Build/create a craft room
Get Crafty: learn to needlepoint  
Read a Classic

Write a children's book  
A beautiful bird house 
Do a good deed / Pay it Forward
Learn to juggle
Create a mood board on pinterest and print it on day 100
Write a haikuStart a collection of vintage children's books 
Go rock climbing
Plan and plant a Wildflower Garden: This will happen in the next two weeks.  I was at the nursery last week and lettuce starter plants were for sale. 
Making your own pasta: I ordered a simple pasta maker today.  Maybe I'm confident I will make pasta more than once with all the entertaining we do (many say I'm crazy to try). 
This Week
We still have snow on the ground but it is spring.  Most are ready for flowers and vegetable gardens, evenings on the patio.  Enjoying a book or a movie projected on the side of the house with friends.
I'm happy to say I have ten days notice to plan my next event: menu planning, reserving tables and finalizing the theme.  Follow me on Instagram for daily sanity updates (ha).  And... wish me luck with the pasta!
Lincoln in the Bardo: This is the best book I have read in a long time.  Have you read it?
The Secret Garden: Dare I tell you, I haven't read or watched the movie. I'm slowly making my way through this book.
I would love to hear from you as I settle back into life in the woods. Share a book recommendation, recipe, any adventure guesses? You can find me on IG, almost daily. 
With love and gratitude,

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