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A New Perspective on Stress

By Lifecoachlindaluke @coachlindaluke

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Recently, I presented a program about strategies for dealing with stress to employees at a local insurance office.  One of the things that became clear is that most people think of stress as something big, powerful, and overwhelming, that controls them.

Not true.

Stress does not come from the things that challenge us.  It comes from our perceptions and thoughts about what is happening. We are the ones in control.  We get to choose our response to each and every situation.  You can see this in action when two people face the same situation and one is stressed to the max and the other confident and calm.

Don’t give your power away.  All of the resources and wisdom you need are inside of you.  Yes, there may be some practical changes you can make in your life that limit stress, but the most powerful thing you can do is change how you look at it.

Real Life Strategy: When you feel yourself reacting in a stressful way to something in your life, imagine floating up into a corner of the room and watching what is happening.  This will help you tap into the neutral “observer state” from which you will have a more clear perspective and be able to respond more effectively.

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