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A Mums Experience of Slimming World and the Recipes

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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This post is a guest post


I thought I would write about my experience at Slimming world and tell you what slimming world is and about some of the recipes I tried to make how to make them and I will give them a rating of how much I liked them.


So I haven’t been doing Slimming world very long just about a month but I have lost over ½ a stone already.


Slimming world uses food optimising to promote weight loss and it uses calorie restriction However using slimming world I find I can eat a lot of free foods and not be hungry. You have a healthy extra a and b choice this tends to be my breakfast (mini wetabix 28g for me normally) and my milk (250ml semi skimmed)


Food that isn’t free has syn values and you normally allowed between 5 to 15 syns a day. There are 3 diff choices for each day there’s extra easy: can eat unlimited meat, fish, poultry, potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, veg, fruit and eggs. Green: you can have free pasta, potatoes, grains, pulses, veg, fruit and eggs. Red: for people who like meat and veg.


So I tried to make several meals here are some I tried I will also write the recipe out so if you want to try and make them you can.


Diet Coke Chicken: (syn free)

4 Chicken Breasts, cubed or sliced

1 can of Diet Coke

6 tbsp Passata

2 Chopped Onions (or one large)

Splash of Worcestershire Sauce

Fry Light

Heat a frying pan and spray with Fry Light fry the chicken and onions until cooked.

Add the passata and coke and bring to the boil, reduce heat a cook until sauce has thickened and is of a sticky consistency.


This was a really yummy dish served with rice. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed this Id give it a 9/10 it was quite easy to make and can be put in freezer to have another portion another day. J


Mushy pea curry.  (syn free)


4 chicken breasts cubed

1 onion

2 tins of mushy peas

1 tin baked beans

1 tin chopped tomatoes

And curry powder.

Use frylight to cook chicken, add onions. Then add the mushy peas, baked beans, tomatoes and curry powder and stir again serve with rice. It looks and sounds odd but actually surprised at how nice it tasted. I will score it an 8/10 easy to cook and tastes yummy.


Chocolate Pasta 4 syns.

28g of dried pasta of your choice

1tbsp Nutella

Boil pasta according to packet instructions.

Rinse then place on baking tray with frylight.

Put in the oven 180 for bout 10 mins or until hard n crispy.

While still hot, mix with nutella mix then place in fridge over night.

Add more or less pasta depending on how chocolaty you want it.

Again I thought this really sounded disgusting was surprised as actually very pleasant and very quick to make only down side is having to leave it in fridge over night. So because of that I will score it 7/10.

Coconut rice pudding


coconut  muller light yogurt

Half a mug of Pudding Rice (short grain rice)

Artificial sweetener

1/2 tbsp vanilla essence

2 tea spoon ground nutmeg

Pint of water

Bring a pint of water in a saucepan to the boil, lower the heat to simmer and add the rice, simmering for about 20 minutes or until the rice is thoroughly cooked. Lower the heat and add in the nutmeg, vanilla essence and Muller lite yoghurt, stir to combine the ingredients. Add in the artificial sweetener to your preferred taste.

This was ok, wasn’t sure about it at first had a strange taste but it’s grown on me now. Easy to make will give a score of 7.


Chocolate mousse.

Use 500g of cottage cheese (quark)

500g of fromage frais

1 sachet of Cadburys high light

Mix the cottage cheese and fromage frais together and then add the high light and stir. Takes seconds to make and is my fave pudding so will give 10/10.


I will try some more recipes and add some more up but if you have any that you can add to help mums who are trying to lose weight please post them up. J

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