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A Look into My Travel Makeup Bag

By Behindtheseclosedeyes @theseclosedeyes
A look into my travel makeup bagA look into my travel makeup bag
As I'm away I thought I would put together a little post for anyone who was wondering what makeup I would be taking with me. The makeup bag came from a Thierry Mugler perfume set and is my Mum's but she said I could take it as it is bigger than my other makeup bags and is a good shape for holding everything together with plenty of room. Since it is still very hot in Turkey in evenings, I didn't want to take too much with me as it would probably just melt off my face (lovely!) but I thought that this little stash of makeup would keep me going over the 11 days. There are plenty of drugstore brands in there, with my ever growing love for MUA very evident from the amount of their products that made their way into the bag. Of course I had to add one of my Benefit boxed powders and Coralista seemed like the perfect choice as it is such a summery color which gives a lovely glow to the cheeks! 

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