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A Little "Slice" of Heaven!

By Glosews @Glo_Sews
I recently received an item for review and it truly is a little slice of Heaven!    The Slice Safety cutter is great for couponers!  It is easy to carry in your purse, can easily cut coupons at the store and it is so safe a child can help you!   It certainly cuts coupons easily!
It only took mere seconds to cut out these coupons.  But I am not really very big on coupons.  I love them if they are for department stores,  but your usual grocery store variety don't really do that much for me.  I guess I don't want to take the time to hunt for those individual items to save a few cents.
But let me tell you it does do a lot of things I would use it for.  First of all plastic, I mean the hard to get through kind, like they put toys and such in, it cuts through it like it is putty!  I did not have any toys that were unopened to try it on, so after opening it, I tried it on the packaging it came it.  cut into it just like butter!
But that is not all this little slice of heaven safety cutter can do!  I am always sewing and crafting.  I wanted to see if this little cutter could do anything to help me out while doing those things.  It can and it did!
Sewing patterns have what are called "notches" on them.  You can cut these out or just slit them(which is what I always do) and match them up when sewing.  Let me tell you this little Slice Safety Cutter was a little wonder when it came to slicing into them.  I was able to put the blade of the Safety Cutter into the point of the notch and it cut a clean little slit right to the edge.  Did not have to worry about cutting into the fabric ( I have done this many times using a pair of scissors) because I was able to go the other way, to the  edge of the fabric.  I love this, I will use this!
Also while sewing there is sometimes a need to give a quick pressing to a small seam or two before continuing to sew. This little Slice Safety Cutter is great for this!  It gave it a good little pressing in seconds using the top edge of the cutter!  Kept me from having to go to the iron for just a small pressing and that is a huge time saver!
This is the handiest little gadget I have seen in a long time! It fits neatly on your keychain and also has a magnet on the inside so it can be kept on your refrigerator!
So I must say I give this little Slice of Heaven, the Slice Safety Cutter a great big Atta Boy!  It has so very many uses.   Even if you are not a huge coupon user I know there are tons of ways you can find to use it.  I am going to have to get a couple more.  I already have this one on my keychain!  I need one to keep on my fridge and one to keep with my sewing notions too!
The Slice Safety Cutter is great for couponers and it is also so safe that even children can use it.  The blade is made from ceramic and will stay sharp for a very long time, and it is very small, it is almost impossible to cut yourself with this tiny but powerful blade!  I love it, be sure to visit their website for more information and get yourself one today!
Happy Sewing!

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