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A Little Nurse Bashing to Start Your Day

By Torontoemerg

For breakfast, how about some outrageous libel from physician-blogger Terry Simpson (Twitter: @DocSimpson). File this under how not to blog about a serious issue in health care:

The Arizona State Nursing board has asked that this nurse [Amanda Trujillo] undergo a psychiatric evaluation.  The board is charged with protecting the public. The public needs to be protected from “angels of death,” and needs to know if this is the act of an illiterate nurse, or someone who will tend to rogue behavior beyond the bounds of the profession.

A Little Nurse Bashing to Start Your Day

Screen shot of yourdoctorsorders.com. Note the gratuitous "psychiatric evaluation" reference.

Note to Terry: I’m not quite clear on how likening a nurse to a mass murderer is not libellous. Or a constructive contribution to an important debate on patient autonomy and nursing practice.* Can you elaborate?


*Because I think you do raise some issues in your post worthy of debate and discussion — though I might strenuously disagree. You seem to want a serious conversation, but you end up being an ass. Too bad.

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