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I Care About What’s in Your Head, Not What’s on Your Head

By Torontoemerg

So there’s this thing in Quebec which I’m sure my Canadian readers have heard of and maybe also a few of my American readers, which involves the Quebec government devising some legislation called the Charter of Quebec Values. I have to say “charters” and “values” are nice happy positive words, and Quebec is filled with cheesy poutine, maple syrup, and devilishly sexy Quebecois men, so what’s there not to like (except for les Habs, boo, hiss!)?

The thing is, this Charter whatchamacallit wants to ban wearing obvious religious symbols for all public employees,  including nurses and other health care professionals, and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with some nice Ladies of Muslim persuasion cheekily wearing hijab in broad daylight in Montreal and everything.

(Just so you know, American readers,

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