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A Little Mid Week Pick Up..

By Coupleofidiots @coupleofidiots
A little mid week pick up..
In this day and age, we spend so much time being told how to better ourselves, and getting tips on how to improve our way of life, but in all honesty, whenever I read something that kind of puts a downer on the way I do things, I get a little offended. If I do something, and it suits the way I do things then i am perfectly fine doing it the way I like do it. 
So instead of trying to better myself why not just chill out, relax, and try your best, because my best is the best I can do, and your best is the best that you can do. Thats why I love this photo that I stumbled upon. I like the idea of doing things not just because they benefit something else. For example, 'get more exercise' - not because it will make you skinny, but exercise has so many other benefits. Instead of making you a better person, it actually just makes you feel better in yourself, a little more clear minded and relaxed - just what anyone needs - well, me anyway! 
I think there is too much negativity in the world, everyone wants to get in their two cents on how to live your life, it removes the good, happy things and just putting a positive light on making yourself feel better, sometimes makes each day a little easier to get through. 
A little mid week pick up..
this is just a short mid week post, i have more insightful, proper blog posts coming up soon, just getting back into the swing of things for being back at university after a short time off after exams!
muchos loveysabellexxxxxx

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