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A Little Bit of What We Have Been up To....

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs

A little bit of what we have been up to....A little bow is a very nice touch this birthday cake we have to the right. A very slick happy birthday signature(in chocolate, hmmm), a few flowers, a dab of chocolate there and thats all you need to have one good looking cake ready to be devoured by those lucky individuals. Happy Birthday and enjoy!
A little bit of what we have been up to....
The week is almost over and do I have a treat you should get excited about. Tomorrow is a big day, I overheard over the phone that we have an order for a Ferrari. Not a picture of a Ferrari on a cake, but they want us to build one. Now I am excited to see how this cake turns out. To see a Ferrari built out of marzipan as in races down the road. Now that is something you don’t see every day. I am going to be in the kitchen tomorrow, watching as our crew makes this car come to life. So I hope as you read this, you are getting as anxious as I am to see how it turns out. I will take plenty of pictures to make sure I capture the car being built and be able to post them on Friday.  Sunny skies are ahead and what better way is to see a nice car on top of everyone’s favourite dessert. Enjoy the rest of Thursday and I will see all your cake and car lovers tomorrowMark C. Palmer
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